Prediction and Prevention

Predictive analytics is used to make predictions about unknown future events. Today’s project management software such as comes with powerful features such as cloud-based inspection and behavior observation forms that allow field personnel to transmit their findings from any mobile device. In doing so, managers now have access to real-time dashboards that display data as soon as it is uploaded from the field. Informed decision-making now happens in a fraction of the time of hand-written reports allowing you to mitigate issues quickly and efficiently – employing predictive analytics!

This new standard of project management is beneficial to all stakeholders, benefiting on-site workers, safety managers, and supervisors. Workers feel safer knowing that software is enabling real-time data analysis to aid in predicting incidents that may occur and keep them out of the line of fire. Safety & Project managers can more successfully integrate their project planning to coincide with predictive analytics and deliver a safer project, on-time and within budget.

Why are predictive analytics important?

Organizations are turning to predictive analytics to help solve difficult problems and uncover new opportunities, including:

Reducing Risk – Between 2015 to 2016 there was a seven percent increase in fatal workplace accidents among occupational workers.1 These incidents come despite years of innovation and tactile methods for preventing injuries in the first place; it is still a reality of today. Project & Safety Management Systems (PSMS) can make a difference – The Aberdeen Group has published a white paper showing how a PSMS can reduce incidents, increase productivity and improve effectiveness. To download the full report, enter the required information below.

Improving Operations – Use predictive models to uncover resources bottlenecks, enhance processes and improve output quality. Predictive analytics enables Operations to function more efficiently.’s Suite of Analytics (SSP) is a FREE Project & Safety Management System (PSMS) that makes it easy to manage, collaborate and track project and site safety activities. SSP’s suite of powerful tools and analytics will enable you to effortlessly track tasks, events, inspections and behavioral observations in real-time.

Safety tools help you identify trends associated with at-risk behaviors in the workplace, prevent incidents or injuries and cultivate a culture of safety. The system allows anyone tasked with conveying and managing site safety and compliance to effortlessly create, distribute and track critical project information and documentation.

Often communication is the culprit when something goes awry. With SSP you can streamline collaboration and ensure all project communications, and essential information is delivered, updated and completed on-time. Invite stakeholders to participate, post updates, and use real-time chat features to stay updated.

For more information on’s suite of analytics, click below.

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